prachi gadgil

Prachi Gadgil

Prachi Gadgil is a certified NLP Practitioner and a Transformational coach who has worked with more than 300 clients in a span of 6 years. She has undergone Basic Lab in Human Process Conducted by ISABS. She began her Career as an IT Professional with companies like India Properties and Tech Mahindra.

  • She emphasizes on bringing participants to notice their own mind patterns and develop new neural networks for flexibility and growth.
  • She encourages people to eliminate their limiting beliefs and passionately pursue their personal and professional goals. Her relaxed and informal style puts her clients at ease and enables participants to engage in the process of learning without any inhibitions.
  • After spending more than a decade in the IT industry, her passion to make a positive difference gave birth to "TRANQUIL WITS". Being a regular and disciplined practitioner of mind yoga, It equips her to understand and channelize the energies and actions of her participants.

Our Objective

To Inspire organisations and individuals to explore new possibilities and achieve states of excellence